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FG Floortec Blitz PowerBrusher / Deck Sander (240v)

FG Floortec Blitz PowerBrusher / Deck Sander (240v)

SKU: 382 0000 00 00

FG Floortec Blitz PowerBrusher / Deck Sander 

A powerful 2.2kw 240v* brushing machine for exterior deck resoration and interior hardwood floor lineal texture brushing.

Blitz helps open up an enormous new revenue stream for it's operators, providing fast, effective, eco-friendly options for exterior deck refinishing and interior hardwood floor texture brushing without the need for harsh chemicals, pressure washers, sanding, leveling or the need to set/damage existing fasteners.

Produces at a rate of 100-250 sq/ft an hour paired with Randy, the Blitz has an included vacuum that also operates as the vacuum for the Randy Edge Brusher and as the central cleaning system when paired with the suction kit accessory.

Brushes are available in** 46g, for the agressive removal of oils, varnishes and build, 60g for typical build removal and textured finishing, and 80g for fine finishing.

*Machine is 240v, the responsibility to supply power rests on the end user*

**Accessories sold seperately**

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