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FG Floortec Aspirator DCS Vacuum New (120v) or (240v)

FG Floortec Aspirator DCS Vacuum New (120v) or (240v)

SKU: 108652

FG Floortec Aspirator DCS Vacuum New ( 120v ) or ( 240v) Availability

A small machine, but not small on power.

Aspirator is a small profile vacuum solution meant to work with or without a pre-seperator for dustless sanding and grinding in the flooring industry.

Most vacuum systems are designed to be used as a stand alone system without the consideration of a pre-seperator in mind.

This 240v vacuum system features 145cfm and an unrivaled 165" lift to handle the most demanding sanding and cleanup tasks while being able to handle the suction loss of additional pre-seperators.

It's small 30 liter (8 gallon) capacity make it ideal for pairing with Taifun or another floor edger, as well as being connected to a pre-seperator to operate in conjuction with the bigger dust creators we find on our daily job site.

A bagless vacuum with an integrated, long life multi-filter make Aspirator the ideal small, man portablem, vacuum solution for the small floor sanding crew.

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