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BONA FlexiSand Power Drive 1.9

BONA FlexiSand Power Drive 1.9

SKU: BonaPowerDrive2023

A powerful and flexible machine that can be equipped with many different drive plates for a wide variety of floor preparation.

With its powerful 1.9 kW, 2.6 HP motor and sturdy construction, it runs smooth and stays cool even under a heavy load. Provides powerful rotary sanding to bare wood and reduces the time needed to edge dramatically. Delivers an amazingly fine and smooth sanding result and minimizes the risk of drum marks or chatter.


• Powerful, single phase motor
• Forced driven geared drive plate
• Four individually geared grinding pads
• Easy and ergonomic operation
• Large wheels for easy transportation
• DCS compatible for dust-free sanding
• Multiple drive plate capability

The Future of Sanding


Easy to Operate – Direction-Free Sanding for Optimum Smoothness


 Minimizes Edge Sanding by 50-80% – Works Closer to Walls


Cog System for Increased Sanding Power


Designed for Easy Handling and Transport

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